Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

Managing stress in the workplace is something everyone has dealt with and is something that is never going to go away. You are going to get a big project to complete, your boss is going to give you unrealistic deadlines, and your outside life will affect your work life at the time. There are no stopping any of these situations with life being so unpredictable; however what you can do is control your stress levels and emotions when they arise in the workplace.

Coping with stress at work (American Psychological Association)

Mediating is one of the best things you to do when dealing with stress. This practice has been around for numerous amounts of years, and since day one it has allowed individuals to become more aware and less judgemental of themselves. During sessions, you get a chance to reconnect with your mind and body. This allows you to clear your thoughts and be back in the present moment.

Never meditated before? Well, you are in for a treat. Many applications on the market are for beginners such as Headspace, Calm, and the Mindfulness Application. These apps use guided meditation to tell what to do during your sessions. When starting meditation, you will find it very difficult to focus because your mind is in other places. The key is to not be judgmental and once you realize that you have drifted off during your session simply start focusing on the breath again.

Ways to eliminate stress in the workplace

Resetting your mind and emotions is an effective way to manage stress. A meditation session can be performed in as little as five minutes so do not think of it as a time-consuming task. If mediation is not for you that is completely okay, there are other alternatives, just don’t knock it before you try it. What’s important is that you find your go-to routine for dealing with stress in the workplace whether it is through mediation or another way.